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I built this site to be a resource for my past clients, current clients and future clients.

If you don't fall in one of those categories, no need to worry!

There is still some great information for you as well. Watch my brief video to learn all the ways I can assist you.




 I have been fortunate to have been considered "Real Estate Rockstar" and a "Super Agent". These interviews are about Real Estate, Technology, Marketing and more! I hope you enjoy them. Whether joining forces with me is a good idea to take your business to the next level, these are great windows in to the support and systems that we provide our Brokers. 

Use Ed Laine’s Extreme Seller Market Strategies and Listing System to Crush Your Competition

Real Estate Rockstar Ed Laine gives you the play by play on how to crush your competition in a seller’s market by sharing his exact system for listing properties to get his sellers the best deal possible. This is one podcast you do not want to miss! Pull the car over and start taking notes as Ed doesn’t hold back in our interview.

Diversify Your Business & Thrive

Listen in as Toby finds out how Ed uses to win more often and keep his messaging consistent and compelling. Going from 25 deals to 100 with smart marketing targeting sellers. We talk about how he deploys his marketing dollars for maximum impact and how he has built a diversified company built to monetize every lead he captures.


We discuss why you need to have a diversified business to monetize every lead that comes across your desk—by building a full stack business you can serve your client in house with everything from retails sales to property management decreasing your cost per lead. Today's guest owns 9 different companies to be properly diversified. We spend a lot of time talking about his software lead gen company.

The 10 Pillars of Real Estate

Ed Laine is the Wall Street Journal’s #1 Washington Broker for 2011-13 (and #66 nationally). He has been helping both buyers and sellers accomplish their goals since 1987 and has closed over 5000 transactions over that period. With over 20 years of experience and some of the industry’s most innovative sales systems, Ed is one of the few listing brokers that has directly represented Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, HUD and also the VA, which gives buyers the opportunity to find properties before they hit the MLS or the internet.


Join us as Ed shares his realtor mindset and a glance at his journey to becoming a Real Estate Rockstar by becoming a high ranking real estate expert.


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Send me a request below in my "Ask ED" feature, for a free copy of my book. Just be sure to specify whether you want the Buyer Version or the Seller Version.

How to Downsize Your Home the Easy Way

In the past, moving the easy way meant paying thousands of dollars for full-service movers. However, these days, technology is stepping in and doing the job of moving professionals at a fraction of the price. While they won’t pack your boxes for you, there are tons of moving apps and tools that can help you accomplish everything from organizing your boxes to designing your new home’s floor plan.


Don’t believe us? Check out these tips presented by The Ed Laine Team with EXP Realty, LLC regarding the best moving technology available today – and how it can help you move.


Downsizing Resources


Downsizing is a daunting task; fortunately, modern technology can help and the resource list below can help point you in the right direction. Charge up your smartphone and prepare to take advantage of some of the best sanity-saving tricks below.


Get the Inside Track by Researching the Local Housing Market

These days, the housing market can fluctuate pretty often, so it’s a great idea to research the market in your area so you know what you’re working with. For instance, in Seattle, the median sale price is now $880,000.


Getting House Ready to Sell Checklist: List in 30 Days or Less!

Wondering how to slice into your massive task list? No worries! Use this checklist then create a feasible timeline to accomplish everything on your list. Consider setting up calendar reminders on your phone to help you stick to your goals.


Simple Tips for Impressive Real Estate Photography

Follow these tips to produce beautiful photos of your home right on your smartphone.


Apps for Moving: The Only List You Need

A great list of resources to use before, during and after your move.


Organizing Your Receipts

ZenBusiness has some great tips for entrepreneurs who work from home and need to keep all those receipts carefully sorted and organized -- especially during a hectic move!


20-Plus Best Places to Sell Stuff Online and Paid Quickly

If you're looking to declutter and make money from the items you're purging, find out what options exist for selling your items online and locally.


Downsizing Resources for Seniors


Seniors face unique challenges when it comes to downsizing: they’re presented with the monumental task of moving on top of physical and emotional factors. Below is a list of resources specific to seniors to help simplify the moving process.


Helping Seniors Move

It’s important to approach the moving process with necessary sensitivity in order to reduce the emotional tension involved; learn more here.


Technology Can Help Seniors: Here’s How

While some seniors embrace technology, others may run from it. Either way, technology can help during the moving process and has many other benefits as well.


5 Ways Technology is Making Moving Easier

Basic technology assists the tasks involved with moving; learn how here.


Home Away from Home: Relocating Your Parents

In some situations, the choice of residential options narrows based on a senior’s needs and mobility.


Technology has made countless jobs easier, and moving house is no exception. That’s especially true for downsizing homeowners who have not only the standard moving to-do list, but a house full of possessions to declutter as well. While you’ll still want movers to do the heavy lifting and a real estate agent to help you buy and sell property, these tools turn a DIY move from a monumental feat into a totally doable project.

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I publish a monthly marketing update which is probably where most of my views come from. You will also find training videos, commentary and other topical videos. Hopefully, you find something of interest. If you want me to record something about a particular topic, feel free to go to Ask Ed section and submit a request. 





Are you deep in to the process and just have a few questions? Or, do you think you “might” want to buy something and have a TON of questions? Either way, you will appreciate my VIP Buyer System, where we give Buyers PRIORITY ACCESS to home before they ever get on the MLS or the Internet. Just click on the icon to get access. There is no cost or obligation!

Thinking about selling and want to make sure that you get TOP DOLLAR in the LEAST amount of time? Then, you will want to check out our VIP Seller System where our 155 Step Process ensures that you get top dollar and get it FAST. I will answer all of your questions and even give you a FREE market analysis. I can tell you what to do to get your home ready, and more importantly what NOT to do, thus avoiding wasting time and money. I will even show you how my Sell For Free Program helps sellers save thousands and move more equity to your next home.

Are you tired of searching for the right words to say when you get close to making a transaction happen? At a loss for what to say when someone asks you to discount? What about winning in a multiple offer situation? And winning OFTEN! Click here to find out how our Unique Training System has helped hundreds of brokers all over the country, make thousands of dollars. What do you have to lose?




Nothing is more important to me than to help my clients achieve their goals and dreams. And, I have been pretty successful at that. Here are just a few of the things that people have said about me...

"Thank you for all you did in helping us purchase a new home in Washington state. Since we were coming from out-of-state, you made the short time we had to decide on a home much easier. You were very enjoyable to work with and very patient with our myriad questions and phone calls. You helped us accomplish exactly what we wanted and needed to do. We would certainly recommend you to anyone who could use your services and expertise. Thanks again!"

Bruce and Linda S.

Olympia, WA

"Before beginning our review can we just say that we absolutely love our home and can't believe we were able to find such a great home in such a great neighborhood and still be within our price range!  It's fantastic!  We found Ed Laine through Dave Ramsey (creator of Financial Peace University) as a local provider. He was very proactive yet not pushy in calling us for an initial meeting and checking in with us prior to the weekends about potential listings. He did a fantastic job at answering our many questions in a clear and concise manner without making us feel foolish as first time home buyers. He was also great to suggest we provide a cover letter for the home we eventually closed on, something our out-of-state real estate conscious family members hadn't ever heard of. He was kind and respective of our thoughts and viewpoints while having a relaxed manner about him, making a could-be stressful situation quite calming.  They're fantastic at the explaining the in's and out's, the negotiating while working around budgets, the whole shabang!  We were able to close on our home without getting into a bidding war and the entire contract process was quite easy because Ed was so good at clarifying big points for us while also helping us understand what is common for this market area.  We even were able to ask Ed for help clarifying some of what our mortgage banker had told us (on a number of occasions) because he wasn't as clear and understandable as Ed!  Overall, we love Ed and would recommend him to any of our friends looking at buying a home (and we've done just that!).  If you want a positive experience buying a home whether you are a first time home buyer or a veteran - Ed's your guy"


Cameron & Nicki L.

Kenmore, WA

"From my first conversation with Ed, I could tell he really listened and heard what I was saying. At our first meeting, hetook the role of the teacher and I really appreciated that, as it was important for me to learn about this process. As we began the house hunt he continued to pay attention to my feedback and was there with great probing questions to encourage me to reflect on what I was seeing and experiencing. He was transparent through everything and I really felt like we were a team as we searched to find my perfect home. As we entered into the process of making an offer and negotiating a deal, he always listened first before telling me what to do. I could tell he was skillful at what he was doing. I never felt a sense of pressure and he really wanted me to have what I wanted. After escrow closed and it was time to get the key, he went above and beyond. The property included a hot tub that I was not interested in keeping, so he posted it on Craigslist and sold it for me. After hurting my back, I was unable to drive, so he brought me my new house key and the cash for selling the hot tub. And, as an added bonus, he bought, built, and set up a housewarming gift for me. All the details are what really makes the service with Miller Laine superior. I would not hesitate for a moment to use him again or recommend him to my family."

Jennifer K.

Duvall, WA

"Ed was a magician at making the unthinkable work out in a relatively short period of time.  We give Ed our highest recommendation.  We unexpectedly found our dream home, met with Ed, quickly prepared our house to list and created a plan that many had their doubts about.  Ed and his team held countless open houses, promoted our house on various websites and social media all while negotiating us a great deal on our dream property.  It all worked out as well as could be imagined with a simultaneous close on both properties in a relatively short timeframe.  This real estate transaction was the smoothest (and most complicated) that we have ever had.  If you are looking to buy or sell give Ed a call.  He makes the unthinkable a reality."

Randi & Rick R.

Bellevue, WA

"I have recently had the pleasure of working with Ed Laine as a buyer.  Ed's patience and thoroughness in finding me a condo was truly appreciated.  Ed was always a phone call away answering all of my questions and keeping me aware of the process from start to closing.  Ed had to work to find me a place that did not have any kind of assessment and was not in the start of a bidding war.  He exceeded my expectations.  If you are looking for a Realtor I would highly recommend Ed Laine. Thank you Ed for the wonderful experience and your hard work."

Shari W.

Bothell, WA

"We LOVE our new house, neighborhood and school for Logan!"


"We can't tell you how much we have appreciated your professionalism, honest advice, your willingness to answer our endless questions and most importantly your friendship over the years. We both felt that you listened to us through the entire process and genuinely cared about our needs above all else.  We would (and will) recommend you and your team in a heartbeat!!!! Thanks again for everything Ed, because of you we were able to start a new chapter in our life and we can tell the best is yet to come!!!!"


You rock, Ed!

Kelley & Drew A.

Tacoma, WA

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When I receive a referral from someone, I know they thought very carefully about whether to "put their name with mine" and refer a friend or family member. I take that same amount of care and consideration about who I refer to my friends/clients. I know you are placing your trust in me when you use THEM, and so I don't take that lightly. These people have proven that they give the same level of care and attention to detail when working with their own clients, and so, I confidently give you their contact details. Let me know how they did!

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I can join you via webinar or live and speak on a variety or topics. Inside Sales, Outside Sales, Direct Response Marketing, Sphere Marketing, Farming, you name it. I look forward to hearing from you!

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